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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

sock, sock, snack

Kind of like duck, duck, goose, but with sugar and fiber.

Starting from the top, finished sock. I didn't weave in ends. If it doesn't fit recipient, I'll rip and re-do. They're just a smidge too big for me, so I'm hoping girlwhosefeetareslightlylargerthanmine won't have problems.

Just below that is beginning of sock two. Because if you're going to have to re-knit one sock, why not re-knit them both.

On the bottom are M&Ms pirate pearls. Not as great as I was hoping. I love white chocolate, but the candy coating made it too much sugar.

I realize that I've not been talking about motherhood or anything else much lately. Let's just say that B's life is revolving around "pool, water, " baby pool at home, and town pools with daycare and the grands. But not quite as much as he wishes it would! He asks for "pool, water" every morning at camp. We're hoping to go to the beach this weekend. I sincerely doubt he'll go anywhere near that water!

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Susan said...

I think it will be too cold to go in the water at the beach, but he might try! I love those socks. The colors are just gorgeous.