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Friday, July 07, 2006

Netter's adventure in glazing

Or how I learned to love a wood chisel.

When faced with this, what is an enterprising gal to do? Take the day off and learn how to replace a window!

(If you want to know, hubby was outside trying to get our freaked out dog to potty, all those thunderstorms and nights of fireworks, and I was upstairs with B, he was banging and, whoops, broken window, his hand is fine)

First I read in my home care encyclopedia what needed to be done, then we all went to Depot to buy it. Then I took a personal day for Wednesday.

After dropping B off, I donned my goggles (imagine me all cute in a ponytail and safety goggles, again blogger's only letting me upload 3 pics) and started chipping away at the old putty with a glazer's chisel. That didn't work. Back to Depot and some real chisels and an hour or so later I had an empty window frame (Blogger's being jerky about this pic heavy post and since I want to show you the finished product, no pic of the empty frame).

I then had to face the daunting task of cutting a piece of glass to size. But, I was prepared. We had bought everything I could have possibly needed, except the ability to draw straight line. I tried, twice. But, had to get a piece of glass cut to size at my local hardware store (LHS for you in the biz). Have to remember that the service is so much more individualized. Not that they aren't knowledgeable at our box store...

Yeah, I was a failure with the glass cutting. Some glazer I'm turning out to be. But, it seems my metier might be putty. I knew all those years of playdough would pay off.

After that I showered, had a nice lunch, and plopped myself down with my knitting to watch the France and Portugal game. (Was going to post a cute pic of that, too.)

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Anny said...

Very nice and daring too ;0) I didn't even know that could be a do it yourself project. Great job!