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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

a hemming we will go

No knitting was accomplished after I got off the bus last night (and not much knitting on the bus, but I'll get to that later). I spent my evening working on this.

I'm calling her lotsa dotsa. She's a skirt. The waist needs to be tweaked and the hem needs to well, be hemmed. She's not quite what I was expecting, much busier, but I think I like her.

I did work on the second sock yesterday. This thing has me confounded. I keep thinking that there are huge differences between the stripes and it was driving me crazy yesterday. There seems to be a slight variation in color segment length (second ball has longer segments of each color) and I kept puzzling over how that made for narrower stripes (see I was thinking longer segments over the same stitches = less pooling = narrower stripes). But, in all actuality, I've been agonizing about this and poring over the different balls of yarn for nothing. Do the stripes (or rather swirls) look all that different to you?

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CygKnit said...

Love, love, love the skirt! And the socks. I've been experiencing difficulties with that pattern, but I'm pretty sure its just my inability to count. I'm glad to see them looking so well.

And the slight color variation is only noticed after many long moments staring inches away from the monitor. Don't forget the man on a running horse, and all.