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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

chevron ad nauseum

Couple of more days until I have pics of something other than the chevron socks.

I have made much progress. This afternoon, I'm going to do the heel. I think the in place afterthought heel (I love the contradiction) will look nicely swirly in this yarn. I don't think I mentioned it but this is KnitPicks Sock Garden in Hydrangea. A discontinued color and yarn. It's 100% merino and so smooshy after the regia I've been using.

Cece did have her bath last night (light cold water wash in the machine, she is cotton and acrylic); then I smoothed her out on my blocking board. Looking at her on the blocking board I was thinking she's going to be way too wide, but I placed another sweater on top and it's okay. I also figure the cotton content will cause her to elongate once on. If she's not mostly dry by the time I get home tonight (which seems pretty unlikely with the humidity and rain in the forecast), I'll put a fan on so I can sew on a button and wear her Friday.

Thanks for the comments ladies, and anonymous pal who may or not be a lady. I know I've not been e-mailing and commenting on your blogs. I hope to be caught up soon and able to spend more time.

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