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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

I'm nearly done the hat. Only one or two rounds left. Although I grabbed auxilliary hooks and some other tools this morning, I don't have my F hook for the edging. Oh well, it's not going to pattern anyway. I'll finish it with the G and if it doesn't roll properly, I can always pull out the edging and re-do.

I nearly decided to pull it all out this morning. I'm not enamoured with this hat. For once my gauge is too big; the hat's going to be huge. Which is probably a plus for curly hair. But, the colors are worse than I thought. The blue doesn't match my coat at all and the red and blue in the hat together will make me look like a New York Rangers' fan. Yuck.

I'm going to finish it and try to wear it, but if I finish on the way home tonight, I won't be wearing it. I'm going to see the New Jersey Devils play the Rangers and I don't want to be misidentified.

Crocheting's not been on my mind too much the last day or so. I've been preoccupied by other, private things. I'm in my head all the time lately. Maybe I should be ogling yarns and hooks instead of thinking so much!

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