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Thursday, February 27, 2003

By wrapping my measuring tape around my face like I would a scarf, I determined that a 48" scarf would be plenty long. So, at my current gauge, that's 96 rows. I've got 10 1/2 done. I should be more than an eighth done the scarf by the end of my commute tonight.

The beginning of a project is my favorite part. No, actually that's not true. The planning of a project is my favorite part. I love looking at patterns, colors, and different yarns. The shopping part is good. I like starting. The end is good, because you get a sense of accomplishment and then you can gift the project. I got the sweetest thank you from my cousin and his wife for the baby blanket I made. I absolutely cannot wait to give my sister the blue hex once it's done. She doesn't even know I've started it and I know she's going to love it. (She better or I'm keeping it.)

The middle's not bad, because again, there's a sense of accomplishment. That "whoo, half done" feeling. It's the part where you're between half and 2/3 done that stinks. Two-thirds just isn't a good fraction. Three-quarters is good, two-thirds is not.

And that's me being philosophical.

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