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Thursday, February 27, 2003

I haven't watched his show for years, and I know they stopped making new ones two years ago, but Fred Rogers will still be missed. He was a decent, kind man and kids need more role models like him.

Just had to put my two cents in there.

On the crochet front, I finished the hat last night. I finished up just as the train was pulling into my station. It's a little big and rather stiff, but it will do. My husband keeps suggesting I give it to his mom. She's always complaining about how big her head is. He also said it looks like Debbie Gibson, ca. 1987. Looking at the recent Delia's catolg, the '80s are most definitely in.

I saw a woman on the train who made the hat with the recommended chenille. It looks very different from my worsted acrylic version. But, I used what I had.

The scarf was begun this morning. I'm using the I hook and have gotten half way through the 3rd row. 117 to go (depending on how long I want it to be, 5' might be too much).

Molly was a very good girl last night. I tired her out with lots of tug and fetch so she sacked out about 9 and I got to work on the blue hex. I'm well into round 54. It's nice to have less than six to go. The edging will take a while. Reverse stitches are awkward.

Still undecided on my next project, definitely leaning toward the doggie blanket.

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