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Thursday, February 20, 2003

I wrote this entry yesterday afternoon, but couldn't get in to post it.

I've started another project, a scarf and hat set for myself. I haven't finished the hexagon blanket (affectionately known as the hex), yet. But, I bought a new coat on Sunday and my current hat and scarf do not match it. The coat is red with a navy blue lining. My hat is bright purple (my husband bought it for me) and my scarf is off-white, green, and dusty rose (a friend made it for me years ago). I know my hat and scarf do not currently match each other!

Originally, I was just going to do a hat and worry about the scarf later. I thought (because the lighting is so bad in our bedrooms) that the coat was red and black. Since I only had enough red and black in my stash for a hat, that's all I was going to do. I started on Monday and wasn't very happy with how it was going. Then, I wore the coat yesterday and realized once I got out into the sunlight that it's actually red and navy. So, after partially completing the first hat, I had to start over, but no great loss.

I have plenty of blue yarn. It's "midnight" blue, so it's not a perfect match, but it's a better than the hat I have now.

I'm working from a pattern from the Lion Brand site. They have a nice offering of free patterns. I'm doing the rolled brim hat. I'm on the tenth round. It's going to be mostly blue with a red brim (or red stripes, I haven't decided).

The scarf is just going to be double-crochet in blue with red stripes and maybe some fringe. I'll have to work out a pattern for the stripes. I don't have a whole lot of red maybe 3 ozs.

I decided to leave the blue hex at home and make the hat and scarf my travelling project. The hex is just too big to carry around. I have to count rows tonight to see how far along I've gotten. I didn't do too much this weekend, but I did get one finished last night. I've got it all scrunched up in a tote bag so I can easily move it out of harm's way if our puppy gets too interested.

I'm thinking of going home the weekend of March 15. I'll have plenty of time to finish it on the train up, but it would be nice to just have it completely done by then (and start something new on the train).

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