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Monday, February 10, 2003

I'm about 2 1/2 weeks into the blanket for my sister and I've only got about 18 rounds to go. Of course, the rounds take a lot longer to finish now than they did when I started. I'm on the ninth skein of 20. I think I'm going to have leftovers! I've been crocheting every chance I get. I'm glad I started to devote parts of my lunch hour to it. I've even been able to do some at home when our puppy is asleep or chewing on her bone.

Here's the pattern I wrote for it:

Fur's "pointy" afghan
(blue hexagon)

about 60" across

60 oz. variegated blue
ch 6, sl st in first ch to make round
rd 1 ch 3; dc; ch 2, *2 dc, ch 2; repeat * 4 times, sl st in top of ch 3, turn
rd 2 ch 3; dc in each dc; dc, ch 2, dc in each ch 2 space; skip sl st; join with sl st in top ch of ch 3, turn
Repeat until blanket is to size (~60 rounds)
Edging: reverse dc in each dc, 2 rv dc in each ch 2 space

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