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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

one and only

My one resolution for 2009: take more FO pictures.

I finished all of my holiday knitting and didn't take a single solitary picture.

In order of age I made the following:

1 slim felted black purse, with striped pink lining and zipper

1 pair of black felted mittens (1 of which had to be re-knitted from the thumb gore up on the 30th and then felted and dried and wrapped before we left on the 31st)

1 turquoise shawl

1 pair of green felted mittens

Also, I made 2 pairs of felted socks for my dad (one of which felted too small but will make a great handle cover for our grill pan). And I sewed a very pretty red dress for myself that I finished hemming in time to take a shower before Christmas eve services.

I've already started the above socks and a green cabled sweater for B.

My return to work went okay. The back at the computer screen after an extended break migraine aura waited until after I'd waded through my nearly 200 e-mails (kind of light since most of our authors and editors are academics and had extended breaks themselves). Fortunately, no pain, but still I was in bed at 9 last night.

Our office manager is getting me some blinds. Our office is an old factory in SoHo and we have walls of windows. Two of the four windows in my office do not have blinds. Even with northern exposure, I can still get some fierce glare.

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Domestic Extraordinaire said...

Can't wait to see your FOs!