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Thursday, January 15, 2009


Thimbleberry 1 is getting it's heel. I realized yesterday it's a perfect match for the top I was wearing. This color way reminds me so much of teaberry gum. I used to chew it more for the color of the packaging than for the flavor (although I did like that).

I brought Laurie in for knitting today. I only did two rows. Too busy chatting (too many non-knitters and knitters without projects today). I did notice that the seed stitch inside the diamonds is off. I'm going to have to drop back and fix them all. (Easier to drop back 40 stitches or so than re-knit 8 rows.) Oddly, the color is more accurate in this flash photo. I did drop the brightness and up the contrast a bit.

Last night was more Christmas bag sewing. I've got about 7 more awaiting their ribbon handles. I'm going to go out Saturday after the dentist. B's going to spend Saturday with M-i-L and F-i-L. Hubby and I are heading into the city to see the Smithereens Saturday night. We'll pick B up after church. I need to pick up a few things Saturday:

green and/or gold ribbon
gray thread
cream thread
green thread
foam wreath form
plain t-shirts to make "5" shirts for B
maybe fabric for that jacket for my neighbor

I'm sure I'll pick up a lot more than that.

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