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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I don't live up to my son's gender expecations

Billy has told me in the past that he loves my skirts when I wear a skirt or a dress. Last night I was folding a fabric remnant and he only caught a glimpse of me and told me he loved my skirt. Then last night he saw some finger nail polish on my dresser and asked if it was for my finger nails. This morning he asked me if I would paint my finger nails and seemed disappointed when I said no. I think he'll be very happy when it warms up around here and mom is back in skirts, sandals and painted toe nails!

We've lost Billy's scarf. He never really wore it, but has wanted one recently when he sees me putting on mine. We had it over the holidays but I couldn't find it yesterday morning.

So, I whipped out some fleece remnants and had a go (the remnant I was folding when Billy complimented my skirt).
The scarf's the only thing that really worked, and that didn't require any actual sewing! I will admit it was very hard to try to cut straight sides. The hat is way too small and the mittens are hard to get on. Apparently, I'm not good at improvised sewing of garments.

Billy was very happy and wore the scarf to school today.

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