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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

sewing again

My latest completed sewing. More Christmas gift bags. This batch has nine. I think that brings me to 16 total. Most of these have been mostly completed for a while, but I needed more ribbon. The red on the poinsettia bags just didn't look right with the plaid or the reindeer.These poinsettia bags are pretty large. The background is actually more cream, but flash photos, what are you going to do?I think these reindeer bags are cute. I especially like the short, wide one. Perhaps, because I, too, am short and wide?
These are my favorites, though. The lines don't match up 100%, but they sure made it easier to sew a more rectangular shape. I love the gold ribbon. I've got a smidge left.

I definitely won't be sewing tonight, not sure if I'll even knit. I may want 100% of my attention on LOST!

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Stephie Pea.... said...

Where do you find the time?!?!

Should I give up reading?