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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

nearly two weeks in

Well, we're nearly two weeks into the new year and I'm still sporadic with the posting. This is why I didn't resolve to post more.

I haven't been knitting much. My thimbleberry socks have been my commute knitting. I've started the toe decreases on sock one. I've put Billy's Laurie to the side; I'm not happy with the fabric. It's too drapey and holey. I washed and dried a swatch last night and will decide if I should change the needles. I barely knit at all over the weekend. Saturday was spent putting the Christmas stuff away.

Tonight's a sewing night. Hubby's out at a poker night, so it's me and my machine for the evening. I've nearly worked through my Christmas fabric. I've completed two more bags and have a few that need ribbons and top hems. I need to get to a store and get some appropriately green or gold ribbon. The red I have just doesn't work with these two prints. Tonight, I should be cutting into my favorite remnants. I should really take some pictures of it. I think it would have made a beautiful wrap if I'd had one piece. As it is, I'll probably give these bags away last.

I've got lots of garment sewing plans. More dresses for me (particularly a green dress like my red dress for St. Patty's day, again I should take a picture of the red dress) and maybe a jacket like the one I made B for our neigbor's little girl on her birthday (I have a great fabric in stash).

I'd like to stop buying fabric. I got a big package yesterday, 20 yards (enough for 4 dresses for me, a blouse, and 1 yd for toe bag/purse lining). Plus, I kind of ordered more yesterday; mostly Christmas 1/2 yards for more gift bags. I know sewing rut.

I did pretty well last year (compared to other years) with stashing yarn. A lot of what I bought, I at least cast on if I didn't finish the project (like my Manos vest). I only truly stashed 13 balls of Rowan Plaid, 9 skeins of Koigu Kersti, 7 balls of sirdar country style dk, 15 balls of merino for F-i-L's birthday sweater, sample pack of elann yarns (6 skeins) and 1 skein of sock yarn. Seemed like less before I spelled it out.

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Stephanie said...

20 yards? Holy Crap!