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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

reaching the toe

My re-boot of my seeing stones picots is at the toe shaping. Of course, I got my replacement Harmony needle in the mail yesterday. If I'd put off re-starting, I wouldn't be having floppy socks. Oh well, I'll use the new harmony for my Thimbleberries yarn. I got the superwash. It's very pretty and will be my next pair. I'm going to swatch it to see if it will take a pattern.
We had a good weekend at the shore. B is getting braver and braver in the ocean. Yesterday, he let me sit him down so the waves could crash on his shoulders.

We did have a little meltdown about B's not eating dinner Sunday that lead to no boardwalk rides and an early bedtime. However, we had excellent cooperation yesterday, so we did do rides after lunch before we left. There was little to no carrying on as we drove away, too. A big change from last time when we had miles of tears. I'm sure the lollipop had nothing to do with it.


Stephanie said...

Where's mine?

Netter said...

I assume you mean your lollipop. Gee, let me go get you one. I need an excuse to go back to the beach.