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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

back to school

Hubby's applied for an MBA program. St. Peter's University has a special program for his employer. They offer discounted tuition and hold some classes in the building. His employeer will cover 100% of the tuition for any class in which he gets an A, 75% for a B, and so on.

He wanted me to write his essay for him. He got away with getting his girlfriends to help him with his homework in college. (We didn't date in college.) Actually, this trend goes way back, his grandmother used to help her kids with their homework (one of her eldest son's papers was 50% researched by her).

I told him I wouldn't do it. I said if he couldn't write a one-page essay on his own, he probably shouldn't be taking the classes anyway.

He did it himself. I proofed it for him and only had to make minor changes (mostly punctuation and random capitalization). I thought it was pretty good for a guy who's not written an essay in 14 years. He did a nice job tying in the idea that the political landscape may cause his job to become obsolete (he's in health insurance and really dreads universal health care but doesn't listen to me when I tell him Obama's proposal is not single-payer).

I was thinking about grad school for myself, too. My industry is continually outsourcing. We're having a lot of our publications managed overseas. I joke that I may need to look into property in Manilla in a few years.

I'll have to wait. Hubby's only planning on doing one class a semester (they do 4 semesters so he could complete in 3 years if he takes classes year-round). I can't see us both handling coursework at the same time. The program I was looking into is online, but a 4-YO and mommy and daddy both with homework? So not going to happen.

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