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Thursday, August 14, 2008

pleasant surprise tinged with regret

When I got home from my workout at the "gym" last night (I have to use quotes, it's one of those 30 minute circuit training places and I can't call it a gym with a straight face, I should just call it exercise like B), Hubby had B upstairs, bathed, in his PJs and they were finishing up book reading. Usually, I'm happy to have finished dinner and gotten him upstairs by that time (7 pm). Hubby plopped him in front of Bart and Lisa and I ate my take home salad. When I was done, I joined be on our bed and then finished the bedtime routine. He was in bed an half hour early.

I really had to beat down some ungrateful feelings about the whole thing. Hubby wasn't comfortable with a lot of the childcare when Billy was an infant, so I did the vast majority. No without resentment at times. Now that Billy's older, Hubby's a lot more comfortable with handling the childcare and as he takes on more responsibility, I'm having a hard time relaxing and enjoying my free time. Instead of feeling usurped and unnecessary last night, I should have relaxed and enjoyed my meal.

My head, such a mixed up place.

Of course, now I'm thinking I should make Tuesdays a regular exercise night. Hubby can take care of B like last night, but he can also finish the bedtime routine and I can go join the Union County Knitters group from Ravelry!

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Domestic Extraordinaire said...

It is hard when you are at that stage in the game. I say if Hubby doesn't mind than you should do it. We all need time to ourselves!