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Friday, August 22, 2008

Baby Überraschung Jacke

I mentioned on Wednesday that I have a colleague from Germany who's having a baby. Since she was in our knitting group for a year while in NY, I decided to knit her a baby surprise jacket. I don't know if it was the olympics or the theme of the previous work shower gifts (destinational onesies), but I decided to do the sweater in the colors of the German flag. I ordered yarn from Elann last week and have been waiting impatiently for it to arrive (not because elann's service is bad, but because I stupidly had the yarn shipped to the office and I've had two packages never arrive). The yarn came today. I cannot wait to cast on. I include the swatch from elann's site because my pic of the yellow is way off. It's sort of in-between these two.

Now, to find some really cool buttons. I'd love it if I could find some German flag buttons. Hmm, maybe a trip to the store for polymer clay and I could make my own (kind of goes against the point of using cotton for washability).

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