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Friday, August 15, 2008

scary good mood and get your red yarn ready

I'm feeling really upbeat today.

For a few reasons I think:

1) Long weekend down the shore

2) B's been a great cooperator since we got over a horrible Monday morning

3) Yaz works funny, I get half a cycle of cranky and a week of great, when I should be cranky

4) I'm going out to lunch with a colleague and friend today

I'm going to try to milk this for all it's worth. The drive down to the condo might be really bad tonight.

In other news, the Red Scarf Project will begin accepting scarves September 1 through October 31. I've got one knit up that I started for last year's project and never completed. I've kept a bag of RSP-appropriate yarns at the ready. Think I'll cast on another when I finish M-i-l's Ariann.

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