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Friday, August 22, 2008

36 and 1

I turned 36 at 4:04 this morning. I'm a bit bummed to be at work and I want to just yell at everybody to leave me alone cuz it's my birthday and I shouldn't even have to be at work, but the rest of the management team is either on week two of a three week vacation, in India on business, or driving their daughter back to college.

It makes me sad that the specialness of birthdays wears off when you're between being really young and having all those great milestones and getting really old when it's a feat to still be around. I was conflicted about birthdays before that anyway. I have two younger sisters and our birthdays fall within one month of each other, mine being smack dab in the middle (two weeks and two days after one and two weeks and one day before the other).

But, I get to have lobster for dinner tonight and I'm ordering dessert, and I don't care if Hubby tells the waitress and they embarass the crap out of me. B will get a kick out of it.

Hubby gave me a lovely gold bracelet to replace one he'd given me years ago that is now a kinked mess. B also gave me a lovely bracelet earlier in the week. I call it my topography bracelet because it's all letters and numbers. (I wore it to work today.)

I finished the first seeing stones sock last night. I cast on for number two this morning. I think I need to make them a bit longer than this. My toes do not like being squished at all.


Andrea said...

Happy birthday!!

Adrienne said...

Happy Birthday! I love the topography bracelet.