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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

third heel

So, I tried on the ribbing to the anklet yesterday on the way home (at 1:15) and found that it did indeed fit. So I stopped ripping and started re-knitting. I'm to here. Third heel flap completed and turned. Now onto the gussets.

I worked the pattern down the heel (since backless shoes are my favorite) and am working the pattern on the top of the foot just to slow myself down.

Hubby mentioned Monday night that he really likes these colors, but doesn't want a pair. I wish I could get that man to wear striped socks!

Did you notice AnnyPurls calling me lucky about my stashing while she's been a bit busy on that front herself?

I did not touch Cece last night. I spent a long time getting our DSL setup at home and then surfing till bedtime.

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