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Friday, June 30, 2006

TGI-alright already-F

I'm so looking forward to my four-day weekend. I'm going to sit outside while Billy plays in his little pool. I'm going to knit. I'm going to sew. I may read something. I may dye some yarn. I'm going to the Yankee game on Sunday. We'll probably grill something one day and go to some fireworks. Heck, I may even organize and clean!

What I am not going to do is think about my job.

Thanks for the compliments on the anklet, KSKS pal. It's of my own creation. Well, I got the stitch pattern from the 365 stitch perpetual calendar and the rest of it follows the regular sock formula.

You know you're a "real" knitter when you get a callus on the figure you hold your working needle against. Question is, is it a badge of honor or a sign I need to diversify? (I'd take a picture, but I got no macro on the $99 easyshare.)

1 comment:

CygKnit said...

What did I tell you? SOCK MACHINE.

(Most knitters would support the callus. Others? They probably think you're crazy already)