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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

stashing the blues

Yeah, I bought more blue sockyarn. For some reason I was expecting the cascade to be fixation, although, it's clear from the site that it's not. Oh well. It's not quite what I wanted for Yankee socks, but it will make someone nice socks someday. In the upper-right is Regia Surf cotton. That will now be Yankee socks (and I have enough for lots of pairs). The Lily Chin Gramercy is going to be dyed and a lovely pair of DK socks. May wait to see what my KSKS partner likes before final disposition is made.

Still chugging along. Got about one inch to go till I start the toe decreases. Cece is getting about 4 rows longer everyday (each row is nearly 200 stitches). Soon, I will be starting the sleeves. I'll post a pic of that.

I'm so excited. My mom and dad are visiting this weekend. They haven't been down since April. Can't wait for them to see our little man. Wouldn't you want to share this?

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kim said...

too cute!!