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Monday, June 19, 2006

Cece with sleeve

Here you go, sleeve for Anny (that little lump on top) and body for yarngirl (yeah, the rectangular red thing). Not that either looks like much right now.

I was, of course, way too busy hanging out with the family this weekend to get much done, but I feel I've hit critical mass with her. I'm doing 3 repeats of the lace and then joining the sleeves to the body. Yes, another modification.

I've started the heel on the second sock. I hope to get that done this weekend. I want to start my yankee socks before the end of June. Because come July 1, I'm casting on for a pair of purple, feather and fan socks that have to be done for my sister's birthday.

Can anyone explain to me why a kid who hates sand on his feet (or hands) and won't go near the "big water," will whine for days about going back to the beach?


Yarngirl said...

Yay! (clapping hands and jumping up and down) Looking good - love the color, too!

And kids always want what they just didn't want, once you take it away. From what I can see with my 18 and 14 year old's - they don't seem to outgrown it, either.

Anny said...

Cece's looking good
(I knew that she would ;0)

And those socks are kicking serious ass!