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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fabala's sock

I finished the drawstring bag for my Nano last night. So far, it works pretty well.

Funny thing about this gift. Last week, Hubby was talking about going shopping and I said I didn't really need anything (because I don't), but that I would love an ipod Nano. He off-handedly stated that I could use his old Dell DJ. I was a bit put off by that and when he came home from shopping he asked if we had a lot of wrapping paper, because he bought something big, I was really stumped. So, of course, it was all just a ruse to make sure I was really surprised (and I was, even after I saw the charge on our bank account that was about the right amount). It was nice to get what I wanted without knowing it was coming!
Today's our 8th wedding anniversary. We don't do gifts for it, mostly because it's so close to Mother's Day and then Father's Day isn't that far off. But, Hubby cancelled my return to the gym and my cooking of dinner so we'll all go out. (My foot is healed and I can wear shoes again.) Of course, with the money we spent on food and wine this weekend, we did plenty of celebrating. Honestly, one of the reasons I married him was because we have so much fun together and really feed into each other's irresponsibility ;)
If I remember, I'll try to post the poem I wrote for our wedding from home tonight. I don't have a copy of the final draft on this machine.
On another note, B says he wants a baby at our house, a baby brother. Ruh roh.

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