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Monday, May 05, 2008

BSJ, buttons, and stash

BSJ #3 is moving along nicely. I should be binding off for the collar tonight. The green's a bit off in this pic. It's more sour apple than the cool mint shown here. Knitpicks shows it very accurately (according to my monitor and under these fluorescent lights).

I went to Joann's this weekend and bought a lot of buttons. I was good, I only bought buttons and some binding tape for a skirt that needs a waistband, a zipper and a hem. Usually when I got to Joann's or any other craft store, I buy at least $40 more than what I went in for. I was going to sit here and list what buttons I bought, but that's no fun. I'll take some pics tonight.

Just remembered, I have the buttons for this one with me! Too cute. I wish I could have found more than four, but that's all I saw.

The place was a madhouse. They were having some sort of fabric sale.

Speaking of fabric. I'm going to be in trouble tomorrow if I don't get home before Hubby. I bought 12 1/2 yds of fabric to make myself two dresses. Since my sewing machince still doesn't work, I'm going to be in trouble.

I've been so good about not stashing yarn for the last three months, but I've bought 32 yds of fabric since mid-March. Granted, 7 yds was ordered to re-cover our dining room chairs, a couple of yards are for totes (1/2 yd of laminated cotton for a lunch bag and 1 yd for a wine bottle tote), the rest is supposed to be clothing for me. I haven't finished sewing a piece of clothing in almost a year.

If my sewing machine is not up and running an churning out clothes by Labor Day, I'm going to start selling off my fabric stash.

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