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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

buttons galore

I brought in my button purchases to share with you. I know, I'm tres exciting.

From L to R: stars for the green and yellow BSJ I posted recently (BSJ #1), I have 8; plain white for BSJ #2, which I haven't posted but which is cream, yellow and green; and little sailboats for BSJ #4 which exists only in my mind (will be mostly cream with minimal amounts of white), I only found 4 of these.

I was thinking of using the teddy bears for a BSJ, but we'll see. I might just save them for something else (I have 8). The red ones are for a future me project; I have 6.

I finished this last night. It was over half done from Christmas-time. It's going to my little sister. She bought the fabric two years ago. I hated the fabric. It's a loose weave and the fibers shed like no one's business. It's really hard to cut, too. I have some in burgundies to make myself a bag. I think I'm going to go with a more simple tote.

Tonight, since I have 12 1/2 yds of fabric showing up at my house, I complete that skirt. Fortunately, I don't have to install a zipper. Unfortunately, I can't just slap on the binding tape like I thought. It's too narrow to be an elastic waistband.

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