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Monday, January 07, 2008

Three week whoopsie!

I've been working on this Monkey for about three weeks. I kitchenered the toe this morning. Couple of problems my gauge is way off (8.5 per inch as opposed to the 8 called for) so the sock is too narrow even for the pattern (which would still be too narrow for me). It is also way too long in the foot. I don't know what I was doing, thinking I needed an 11" sock, but my foot's not even 10" long!

So, even though I love the way the colors worked out, this incarnation is not going to last. I'm thinking I might try a sock similar to what the trekking socks I just finished. I'll start it on the way home and see how the colors work out.

Did I ever mention that my son has three cavities? I see I didn't even mention our appointment last month. He did great with the counting and the cleaning and everything. We were so proud of how he reacted. B now has three fillings. I had deep, deep shame, thinking that my poor brushing means the tooth fairy will be taking three amalgamated teeth in a couple of years, but the dentist pointed out that some people have natural pits in their teeth that become cavities, even though B's been on flouride since infancy. The kid was a champ in the chair this weekend. I guess the cavities were shallow, so no pain, but he just sat and cooperated and was great! If only naptime went as well this weekend.

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Rae said...

Oh fucking holy shit. Cavities? DD is 3 and I am a bad parent. We brush teeth maybe 4 times a week. Holy cripes. Really? OMG, I'm so ashamed.

And I am so relieved to hear you comment on the length of the sock. I took one look and thought you must have the world's longest foot. Really. But monkey? I love the pattern. You did a fabulous job. And the yarn -- stunning!! I love it. Gorgeous.

So, since it's long and the guage is off, who's it for?

BTW, Happy New Year! I hope 2008 is fan-knitting-tabulous for you. ;)