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Thursday, January 24, 2008

a matter of pride

I haven't bought any yarn since sometime in December (I do not count the manos from earlier this month, that was a gift). I haven't bought any fabric since the end of December. I'm not on a stash diet (although, I did tell myself no more fabric until I at least get my sewing machine working again). But, now that I've gone nearly four weeks wihout stashing, not buying more yarn is a matter of pride. I can think of some holes in my stash that I'd like to fill (not enough green yarn). I've seen some beautiful stuff that I'd love to own. But, right now, I'm able to resist. And I'm proud of that. Self-discipline's a good thing. So's self-indulgence, but I'm leaning toward discipline right now.

I'll probably fall off the wagon tomorrow. I usually do.

Hubby's sweater's not finished. Robby Burns Day is tomorrow. We're going to a Robby Burns Dinner on Saturday. He really wanted to be able to wear the sweater to dinner. I was so close. I had one sleeve completely seamed up last week and had him try it on and it was too small. So I extended the armholes some more. Then the neckline was too deep. So I ripped out below the neckline on the front and back and re-knitted them. Sleeve one was ripped down to the forearm and re-knit to be wider and is done. Sleeve two has been ripped and a few of the 24 increases have been done. My goal is to finish knitting the sleeve on the way home tomorrow (which means I have to have at least 20 of the increases done before bed tonight) so that re-seaming can commmence. That gives me tomorrow night and Saturday's nap to seam it. Hubby may be putting it on with ends not woven in as we walk into Argyle Fish and Chips on Saturday.

My kid is now out of his crib. Over Christmas, MiL and FiL handed me a flyer and asked if we would like a captain's bed with a bookcase in the head board. I said sure and went back to my champagne. I didn't really think about it again until MiL called Saturday to tell Hubby the bed would be delivered yesterday. So, Monday, I cleaned out Billy's room (we put lots of linens and baby stuff in storage) and tore down his crib. He slept on a fold out chair for the next two days. Then MiL was at our house for delivery yesterday. Whoopsie! I think we should have thought out the shopping a bit more. The bed didn't fit. You couldn't walk between it and the dresser.

We live in a 1920s dutch colonial. This means gables (I think they're called gables) in the bedrooms. It means B's bedroom is 10x10 with a gable and the largest closet in the house (it contains the chimney, too. It means two windows and a large radiator. Limited options. So there was much stressing until we got home and figured it out. Fortunately, I think critically and solve problems for a living (andn apparently with my hobby) and got us to a workable solution.

B's in 7th heaven. He loves it.

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