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Thursday, January 10, 2008

back to hooking

Over a year ago, I was going to crochet a felted bag. I didn't get terribly far. But, I did purchase some additional yarn in case I ever got re-started. I did the other night. I was thinking of doing a large circle or square for each side piece, but the color repeats are too short. I'm really liking this and can't wait to see what the colors do when I felt the pieces. I think I'm going to crochet them all together before I put it in the washer. I'd be a lot further along if I hadn't re-started last night with a different hook (same size, but slightly larger barrel giving me looser stitches) and if I hadn't been reading so much lately (I've got a bit of a crush on Jack Reacher from Lee Child's series).

Over the phone yesterday, a colleague asked what I was working on, so I told her about Hubby's sweater. She works in our Totowa office, so isn't here for knitting lunches. I brought in the body pieces to show her (she's got meetings here today) and figured I should post a pic for you all, too. Soon, I'll put the sleeves in.

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