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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

while Freya blocks

My little dude had a totally unexpected response to seeing Freya blocking in the living room this morning. For some bizarre reason, he announced that it was Christmas. Then he wanted to touch it and seemed to think it was a toy, although I explained it was going to be a sweater for Nanny. After breakfast, he wanted to know if he could drive his trains on it.

She was almost dry this morning. Hopefully, I can get most of the seaming done tonight and be finished tomorrow. Hubby says I should wrap it and mail to mom this weekend, with a note saying "Do Not Open Until October 26."

I got some bad news last night. I new it was bad news when Hubby answered the phone and said it was my dad for me. I had talked with Dad on Sunday and he just doesn't make phone calls unless he has to. He told me it was serious, but not to be too upset yet. His father had had a routine colonoscopy (our family is rife with diverticulosis) and they found a red spot. They tested it and it's cancer. He's having a CT-scan today to see what's going on. I told dad to call me today if/when he hears anything. I feel bad that I didn't really talk with dad for too long, I was in a bit of shock. Papa's 82 (will be 83 in January). He's very active and has just started to slow down a bit, but takes his morning walk every day. I'm hopeful that since they didn't find an actual tumor in his colon that they've caught it really early and he'll be fine. (Of course the bulk of the tumor could be in and through his colon wall, but we won't go there.)

I think I could handle any other diagnosis better than this one. My maternal grandmother died from colon cancer six years ago. Their situations are very different. My grandmother was very ill before she was diagnosed (mom gets the not going to the doctor thing from her) and by the time they realized why she was so sick, it was stage IV. She went from diagnosis to death in about five months. But, it's still the same insidious killer. Colon cancer is the #2 cancer killer in this country and I don't want it taking two of my grandparents.


Andrea said...

I'm thinking happy thoughts for your Dad.

Susan said...

Oh, I hope that things work out. Colon cancer is the number two killer, but it's also one of the most survivable cancers, and it sound like they found this early enough. I'll be thinking positive thoughts for you and your family.

Amy Lane said...

That's too bad...I do hope that it was discovered in time!

That's funny about the love a change, don't they?

thordora said...

oh I'm sorry. I hope everything works out.