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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Saturday was great!

Our county hosted it's third annual music fest this past weekend. We went last year and it was good, this year, the line-up was exceptional for a free concert in my little city.
The opening act on the main stage was a local group of whom I didn't take a photo. But, the first "name band" to play was The English Beat. Not my favorite.

The Legendary Chuck Berry played a set at 12:30. That was a coup for the freeholders, I think. It also helped the crowd to be big all day and brought in varied age groups. One older lady behind us mentioned it was her first concer, ever. He played pretty well for 80, and had 2 of his kids with him.
Our main draw, though, was The Smithereens. Hubby and I try to see them every time they play the area (which is at least once a year, since they are a Jersey band). Great set, albeit a bit shorter than we're used to.

Next on the main stage was Fountains of Wayne. If these guys had started earlier, I would have been a bigger fan before seeing them. Just my kind of pop.

The last act on the second stage (we skipped a couple of the lesser known groups) was The Alarm. Mike Peters, the lead singer had done the show the year before as a solo, acoustic and really wanted to come back with the whole band. The second stage was for his Love Hope Strength foundation for cancer research and they had a walkathon that morning. They did a great medley of punk covers as part of "Spirit of 76."

Live was the last act. I really enjoyed them (especially their version of "Walk the Line"). I couldn't get a decent picture after the sun set, though. I just don't have the right equipment.

All in all, it was a great day. (No knitting was done this year, too hot in the sun.)
This is an actual cloud that was above the second stage during the Alarm's set. I did rotate the picture, but no other changes were made.

Tomorrow, an update on Freya, only a week old and nearly 1/2 done.


Susan said...

Argh! The English Beat! I have been wanting to see them for, good grief, like 25+ years now. . . I'm jealous.

Amy Lane said...

Okay--The Smithereen? Live? I'm so jealous--what an awesome day!