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Monday, September 24, 2007

pardon the blurries

I try to take a couple of pics, but they were all horrible. This was the best of the lot. This is sleeve 2. Sleeve 1 was finished Friday night. I'll finish this one up on the way home and will be blocking all the pieces tonight. Here's hoping it dries quickly. I'd love to have my mom's birthday sweater done 4+ weeks early.

What to knit next? I have a bunch of things still on the needles: serrano, Here there be dragons socks, beaded rib anklets, second Red Scarf. But, I'm itching to start a new sweater. I was thinking I'd cast on for Hubby's St. Andrew's sweater, but that requires an additional project.

See, I had to chart the whole thing, since it's a non-repeating intarsia motif that takes up the whole body of the sweater. So, the chart for the sweater that's 40+ inches wide knit at a gauge of 6 st/inch prints out legibly on 11 x 17 inch paper. My knitpicks chart holder is not that big. So, what to do? How about make my own magnetic chart holder? I bought the supplies a week ago, and haven't started. I'll let you know when I do it and post some pics.

I do want to start the St. Andrew's sweater early in October. Hubby wants to wear it for Robbie Burns day next year and at this gauge and this size, it's going to take forever!

But, do I cast on something new this week? I have five hours on a train coming up on Thursday. Perhaps, I should use that to finish up some socks for me.


chris said...

Yay for finished sleeves and finished birthday presents!

Amy Lane said...

Absolutely--and hooray for designing your own sweater and sticking to it!