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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's been awfully quiet around here

When was the last time I posted? Ah yes, adventures in plumbing. Since then we've:

Been to Vermont and back (good trip, so nice to see everyone)

Gifted the knee socks (Sis liked them and my B-i-L said they were f-ing awesome, best knitting compliment I've ever received)

Been waylaid by an intestinal virus and fever (mostly just me, fortunately and only for one day)

Been back down the shore for Adult time (very short trip, with lots of sunburn)

Cast on Mom's birthday sweater, Freya from Rowan 36

Been freaking out over an off-site work meeting tomorrow and Friday (not over my participation, but driving myself to Weehawken and what that traffic means for our routines)

And we've dealt with a clingy boy (which is part of my freak out above)

Monday, when I picked B up from school, there'd been some body painting. Most of the kids had small flowers or things on their hands. Not my son. I'm sure the conversation went something like this:

"Billy, what do you want?" asks HS girl aide.

"Orange." Says three-year-old.

"But orange what?"



thordora said...

WOOT Orange!

Amy Lane said...

hee hee hee --that's awesome!

Wow--busy coupla weeks--glad to have you back!