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Thursday, August 10, 2006

progress, on many fronts

It was a much better night putting B to bed last night. Well, he wasn't thrilled, but I kept my cool and he was asleep by 9. I guess I did a modified Ferber. I put him to bed, still screaming because I didn't read all 9 books he wanted. I checked in on him in 10 minutes. I gave him a hug, put him back to bed, and sang to him for a bit. He quieted down. Then after I'd settled on the couch with Jolie and Rockstar, he started back up again, crying for his Elmo pippers. So, I went back up and offered to put his slippers on. Of course, by then he wanted his blue pippers. I put them on, hugged him again and told him he needed to go to sleep. He cried for a bit, but not more than 15-20 minutes. Boy, that took a lot of patience. Thanks for your supportive comments, it's always good to hear from other people who've had the same experience.

I've made tons of progress on Jolie since I last blogged about her. The back was finished on Tuesday night and I cast on for the left front right away. I'm on the bust increases and have started the decreases for the v-neck (I'm a little bit further along that it looks here). I'd like to have it finished tomorrow, the left front that is, not the whole sweater. I'm aiming to be on Sleeve Island while we're on Wildwood Island in a week and a half. If I can finish the sleeves while we're on our mini-vaca, I'll have about a week to do the blocking, seaming, and crochet edging.

I've also made progress on my KSKS package. All shopping is done (although, I do need to follow-up on my download from WildHorse Farm), and I started the bag last night during Project Runway (must say I loved, loved, loved Michael's outfit and I'm so glad he won). I only have one strap to finish and the final assembly to do. I decided to just do a simple 12 x 12 tote with an interior pocket. I'm using my Amy Butler ginger bliss fabric. I should have enough left to make a second one. If I get it done tonight, there will be pics tomorrow. I sure hope I can get it out in the mail on Saturday.


Bonne Marie said...

That is GORGEOUS! I adore the color and texture -

Have a restful island visit with those sleeves - can't wait to see it done!

Lolly said...

Yes, that color is just brilliant, Annette! I really like this sweater.

You mentioned YKW on my blog - I was wondering what that was...

Yarngirl said...

Good news! And you are one speedy knitter there, despite all those books you read last night - have fun on vaca!