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Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday, Friday, Friday, FRIDAY!!!

I love the Cure song, Friday I'm in Love. Too bad Hubby's going to the Yankee game with F-i-L tonight.

I will be home, finishing the KSKS tote I didn't touch last night (I figured an SUI was a bad idea, sewing after 2 glasses of wine at dinner, much harder to rip and re-work than if I were KUI), working feverishly on Jolie, and maybe some ice cream.

I'm having a bit of anxiety about Jolie. While working the bust increases on the left front, I discovered that I'd messed them up on the back. Gee maybe that's one reason it's short. Okay, no problem I adjusted. But, that meant I had to adjust the slope on the v-neck as well. Well, I'd already inadvertently adjusted (why go every 4th, then every 6th, and then the 3rd, and the every 6th and then every 8th?). Not sure I can completely recreate on the right front (hard to count rows with the slipped stitches, hence the inadvertent mods in the first place), but I'm sticking to every 4th to the armhole then every 6th until I'm down to the final count of stitches (unless of course that makes the armholes too deep).

I think Rowan unnecessarily complicates these things (other publishers may as well, but I've mostly done Rowan patterns).

On the B front, last night was too easy. He fussed a bit about not reading all eighty books, but settled down quickly (after some back and forth about which pillow he wanted). I got a tad frustrated with the pillow thing, but managed to stay calm, although the pillows might disagreed. Do pillows like to fly?


Yarngirl said...

Pillows do like to fly! And that sweater front looks great - I'm sure you'll be able to get pretty close with the other side.

Charity said...

This sounds like an interesting pattern. I've never knit a Rowan pattern before, although I've been tempted :0)

The sweater looks great anyway - you seem like you have a good handle on things.