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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

KSKS finished, but for mailing, and right front nearly done

It's a post of almost dones.

I finished my KSKS package. Now, I just need to write a note, box it up, and send it off to my swappee.

I'm almost done the right front for Jolie, too. That will be done this afternoon. I'm leaning toward ripping the front, but Hubby moved the gifting date to 8/27, giving me three fewer days. I'm going to knit the sleeves next and if I still have time, I'm going to re-knit the left front. See the pattern doesn't really line up all the way up the front with that boo boo I made, not that you can tell with these pics.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's perfect timing as your KSK is in the mail to you! I hope you get it tomorrow!! :)

Jolie looks amazing! I can't really see the boo boo and I think it looks great but I know how it is to have a mistake glaring at you!

your KSKS pal