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Monday, August 07, 2006

amazing the progress when not ripping

We had a good time sans B in AC. Got my lobster dinner, played some blackjack (of course, when I put my money on the table all I could think was how much Calmer I could buy with it instead, hubby's response is think of what you could buy if you win), drank too much, I did do some knitting sitting at the bar with a horrible local band playing, slept in with a hangover, sat on the beach (no knitting, too hot), swam, got a little sunburn, slep on the way home.

I did make much progress on Jolie. Not ripping = inches and inches of knitting. As of this morning, I'm a little under 4" from the shoulder shaping. Hubby gets a bemused look when I give him the diamond pattern update (last check mostly done all 7 repeats of chart 1 of 3). I had forgotten how quickly aran weight yarn works up. This is really only four days of work. I hope to have the back done tomorrow. I'm not sure when we're celebrating M-i-L's birthday, but I've only got 3 weeks to go.

My only other goal this week is to finish up my KSKS package. I've got most everything (including some yummy treats from AC, sweet and salty, I got you covered). I just need to pick up some needles and sew up the bag.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a blast!!

I like the way Jolie is turning out! I'm sure you will be done in time.

I have slacked on mailing your KSKS package due to the heat. I don't want your goodies to melt!! :)

I think it will be in the mail tomorrow or Wed. tho!

-Your KSKS partner