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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Didja Miss Me? Well, I’m Back

Whew. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind around here. Like I said last week, we had a good time in FL and I lost an employee. I didn't touch my computer at all while I was home with Billy last week and I had a quick jaunt down to Baltimore on Tuesday for work. I think I'm finally digging out a bit here at the office. Billy took a little time to adjust to daycare, but now he’s handling the new place like a champ. His birthday was a blast. I even got his cougar done on time. Unfortunately, Ronan is still sitting around. I have not received my order from Angel Yarns and tried striping a sleeve, but I’m not thrilled with the result. I have, however, finished Hubby’s boot socks. (Note the ASC under the socks. I’m loving the color.) I’m glad I’ve got them done before the Olympics and during a nice cold snap. I’ve also swatched for my Olympics event (50” raglan). I washed the swatches this morning and I think I’m going to be very pleased with the effect of warm water and Eucalan on Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed! Wet it seemed to bloom and get so much softer! Can’t wait to see them dry. My sisters come down to visit tomorrow. We’re celebrating Billy’s birthday with them and going to see INXS on Sunday (can I just say that JD rocked out on the new album and I’m really looking forward to seeing him live?). I hope they bring their knitting/crocheting, my sisters, not INXS. Molly may be making a trip to the vet this weekend. She came up really lame last night while running around the yard like a crazy dog. It’s the same leg she had surgery on two years ago. I hope it’s not the other ligament. She seemed to be moving a bit better this morning, so maybe it’s just a sprain. We’ve got her crated to make sure she rests. Bullies have such high pain thresholds her behavior is not a good measure of the severity of her injury.

I've got pics of the cougar and the socks and at long last my dad in his zipo, but Blogger's not letting me post the pics. I'll add them later.

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