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Thursday, February 23, 2006

double the progress, double the fun

So far this has been an interesting visit to sleeve island. And since I've minimized the finishing by doing this baby top-down, I've got today, tomorrow and Saturday to knit the sleeves. If I save Sunday for the minimal finishing (grafting sleeves and weaving in ends at ball changes), I'll be coasting into the finish line. Of course that assumes I can knit 6" per sleeve per day as they grow to 100 stitches. Oops, almost forgot, I have to knit around the sleeve holes on the body a bit to pick up stitches and make everything all pretty. See, I've barely gotten the overconfident words out and I'm having to scale back a bit. It is going to be close, but I'm having such a good time with this two sleeves on two circs thing that I can't help but be confident.

It's stunning the way my mood has changed since Tuesday, in regards to work and life overall. I'm still a bit impatient with my boy, but I'm working on it. I just wish he'd stop wanting to wear swim trunks, slippers, or footie pajamas to day care. Then mornings would be so much easier! I don't know what we're going to do tomorrow morning. He's worn his last clean Elmo shirt.

I've started thinking about my next project. It's actually something I've been thinking about since Stitches East when I bought the yarn. we are celebrating F-i-L's birthday four weeks from Sunday. I'm thinking a zippy raglan (I've already bought the zipper). I've got three shades of Orchid Line in varying amounts. This is what I'm thinking. Note that Paint does not allow me to do an exact match (neither does the fact that the yarn is in my cellar and I did the sketch at work). I was originally thinking something a little more formula 1 driver with vertical stripes, but decided that wouldn't work for F-i-L. I'm really liking this idea. The hard part's going to be figuring out the raglan shaping. But, I'll do it.

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