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Friday, March 28, 2003

Things are moving along. I've gotten about 22 inches done. I've also got my letters charted on knitting graph paper. I have to re-do the chart, but I at least know what they're going to look like. At this rate, I'll be starting the letters this weekend if I get the chance to knit at all.

Time to start thinking about what to do next. I'm in love with a color of cotton at Lion brand(check out cornmeal under kitchen cotton). I'm thinking tank top. I'd buy the big cone of it and make placemats, too. The color just screams summer to me.

I've also got a chart of things in mind. On that list:

a striped pillow for my friend KG
Pumpkin afghan for Aunt Lindy
New sweater for Molly
teddy bears for various cousins at Christmas
Christmas garland for my mother-in-law
throw pillows for my in-laws
new blanket for my Dad
sweater for my Mom (or a blanket if she wants one)
I've also got 1800 yds of beige chenille to make something for myself

I should probably start with the things I have yarn for, my sweater, Molly's sweater, KG's pillow will be scrap pillow. But, I really want to buy some yarn. I have a Joann gift card from Christmas. I may have to do some shopping when I'm in VT (easiest access to a Joann store). Things to think about.

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