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Thursday, March 13, 2003

I'm having a great time knitting. It's been a lot easier than I remember it from the last time I tried. Of course, I could be screwing it all up. I am concerned about how the edges are turning out, especially with the stripes. I'm going to have to look into it to see what I'm doing wrong. But, all in all it's turning out well. The stitches all look pretty uniform. I haven't checked my gauge, yet. I'll do that when I'm about ready to change colors again. I brought all the balls of color I'm using with me today. It's going quicker than I expected and I don't have a set pattern in my head so I'm not sure which color I'll want next. I do wish I had used the colors I have more of first, I could have put more stripes of those colors in. Oh well. Maybe I'll just use some of the colors I had rejected and not repeat any!

I wish my scraps included purple. But, I inherited a lot of the stash from my grandmother and she hated purple.

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