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Tuesday, March 04, 2003

The blue hex is going swimmingly. I've made the turn into round 59. Two rounds and some edging to go and it's done. I worked on it quite a bit over the weekend and last night. It now looks as though I'll be heading home the first weekend in April (if I can stand to be away on my puppy's first birthday) so I'll be done in plenty of time. I'm thinking of shipping it home. It's going to be awfully big to carry onto a plane or train, especially if I'm carrying another project. I want to be there when my sister sees the blanket for the first time, so if I ship it, I'll mark it "do not open." That might work.

I'm about at row 48 on the scarf. I haven't picked it up much since Friday's commute home. At home, I'd rather work on the hex and I went to a trade show yesterday and didn't bring the scarf with me. I'd like to get it done while there's still a chance of needing it this winter!

I'm still trying to decide exactly what will be next. I need to go through my stash.

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