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Tuesday, March 11, 2003


I rock!

I finished the blue hex last night. Done, finito. 60" of crochet warmth and cuddliness done in 6 weeks. The last thing I made this big took me over a year to do. And, and, and, and, I'm not going to see my sister for three weeks.

My new scarf is wearable at this point. If I weren't insisting on fringe, it would be done as well.

Time to get going on my next project. I've started designing a crate blanket for my dog. It's going to be 21" by 26". I'm making it in three 7" panels. The outside panels will be garter stitch with horizontal stripes. The main color will be off-white (I have tons of it). The stripes will be done in many, many colors. I need to go through my stash. The middle panel will be stockinet stitch in off-white with her name, Molly, running vertically. Cool, huh? I've decided to try intarsia for the letters and colors will again depend on what I have in my stash. Same with needle size, etc. I think I'll be using circular needles because I've heard they're easier, especially on trains and things.

I'm just so excited!

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