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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

baby naming

My sister's jaw just dropped on the floor! Gotcha.
The other day, I offhandedly called B "baby."

I do it quite often because I forget that he's 5 now and a Man.

He said to me, "I'm not a baby."

And I said "I know you're not a baby. But you are my baby, because I don't have any other kids."

He replied like he was putting in an order, "I have a baby sister named Carly."

My response: "We'll have to talk to daddy about that."
B's asked for a baby brother in the past, but he never wanted a sister. We told him that if we had another baby, there's no guarantee it would be a boy. He seemed disappointed he might have to put up with a sister in the house and just let it go, until Monday.
I told Hubby this story last night. His response "Just because Matthew has a sister named Carly, doesn't mean B has to."

(Matthew is B's bestest buddy at daycare. His big sister Carly now goes to public school for first grade, but she used to really like B when she was at daycare. )

I said "I know, I don't like the name Carly either."
There's been a change in the tenor of our conversations about having another kid. It's always been never, never. What with not having the $ for daycare for an infant and having freaked hubby out completely with my PPD, it just wasn't something we considered. I always worry about leaving B without siblings, but never pushed it too hard. Now that we're looking at less expense with B heading to public school in 18 months, the conversations are a little different. Not that we've decided to have more, but it's not never, never either. We seem more likely to consider it before discarding the idea.
If we do change our minds (and that's a big if) and it is a girl, she won't be named Carly. Poor B. I wonder if he likes the name Allison. That's what he would have been named if he'd been a girl. Allison Ruth.
I do sometimes still kick myself for not naming him Angus. We thought it might be a little too much. It is his middle name, though. And sometimes he answers to it.
Poor B is a wee bit hobbled today. I picked him up last night and noticed he was limping. He said he jumped off something playing hide and seek. We iced it last night and have been giving him motrin. It's a little bruised on the sole and a little swollen.

I was surprised there was no note in his cubby and that Miss Jaime hadn't iced it as well.

Hubby asked Miss Jaime about it this morning.

Seems B never told her that he hurt himself. Goofball.

We're going to keep an eye on him and probably take him to the doctor if it's not better in a couple of days (or gets significantly worse).

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Stephanie said...

Not a fan of "Allison". But, you won't be too keen on the baby names we'll pick either.


Keep me posted about baby stuff. I'll need to know how much of your stuff we're going to get. HAHA