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Monday, March 09, 2009

Update on everything

Sweater vest is getting long.... I'm so bored with this thing. I think I'll be able to bind off the armholes tonight or tomorrow (depending on if I have time tonight).

We bought a car this weekend. Our smaller, everyday car (as opposed to the H3 which is our bad-weather, going-to-VT-in-the-winter car) was going to come off lease in a few months. Hubby was getting anxious about trading it in (he gets bored). So, Saturday we went to test drive. And came home with another Saturn 5 hours later. The dealer paid off the lease on the old car and we got a lease-to-finance rebate from GM. We're paying more, but we've got a lot more car now, too. The Aura XE is a lot bigger and nicer than our Ion was. B was so sad we didn't take it to school this morning. He always loved our big, red truck the best (H3), but he thinks the new car's pretty cool.

Friday was interesting, not only did we get the report from the SLP and a message from our pediatrician that B's cholesterol was over 200, our computer is once again beset by BSOD. (This time it's an unmountable boot volume, which I googled and have help to fix.)

Hubby talked to our pediatrician's office this morning. B gets to go have a lipid panel done later this month. In the meantime, we're all going to eat more healthful foods and exercise more. It alwayse seems to me that I'm more likely to clean up my act when it impacts my kid.

The SLP recommends 2-5 days of therapy for B in her report (or 2 days in the hand-written note she included for us). Also, a full auditory processing evaluation and a neurological evaluation, as well as evals by the school district. I spoke to the head of the special services dept. for our school district and they will not provide services until B is enrolled in public school. However, the county will provide services when he hits Kindergarten. The director at the school district said I should call her this summer and she would help me get in touch with those services.

Hubby and I are going to speak to the director of our daycare. His wife is an SLP and he's mentioned in the past that they do often have SLPs providing therapy at the center.

Also waiting for a call from the pediatrician about the auditory and neuro evals (we'll need referrals from her) and what she thinks about the report. I'm not looking forward to that. I really wanted her to be wrong about his speech after his physical last month.

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