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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

DST is kicking B's butt

Poor B. He very happily spent Saturday night with the in-laws (other than car shopping, Hubby and I had tickets for the Knicks game).

He came back to us looking very tired. He did nap on Saturday, but he was a cranky pants Sunday.

He had a birthday party to go to and I think it was the worst party experience of his life. He and his buddies were playing a little unsafely on the slides and his foot got mashed. The way he was crying I thought he'd be limping for a few days. But, another mom got us some ice and he was better after a few minutes. Then he got hit in the face with a nerf ball in the cannon room and it must have glanced his eyeball. The biggest indignation was when all the kids were sitting down to eat. I wasn't quick enough and the lady poured him some soda. I figured I'd let him try it, thinking he wouldn't like it like the one time he was given sprite. Oh no, he likes Pepsi. He was so mad when I took it away. Then he was mad that they were out of the kiddie cups and then he didn't want pizza or cake (and this little twerp accused Billy of copying him by not having cake, same one who hit him in the face with the ball and told B to stop "following him" when he wasn't. Bully in the making I think.). He got over it all eventually and had fun for the last 1/2 hour. Came home and only wanted to veg.

Yesterday morning, he would not get out of bed. It was horrible. We haven't had a morning like that in a long time. He reminded me of my sister when she was younger (I don't know if she's still like that, I haven't had to get her out of bed in years). I had to wrestle him out of bed and he just cried and cried. We were so late getting out the door.
No stories or extra shenanigans at bedtime last night. He told me as we went to brush his teeth "I'm so tired."
This morning was marginally better. He lingered in bed a bit, but didn't say he wanted to stay in bed all day like yesterday. He actually had time to eat breakfast (so did I) and do most of his homework (due on Friday). We were out about 10 minutes earlier than yesterday.

Maybe tomorrow, he and hubby will be all adjusted and we can get out on time!
We had a nice chat with the director of our daycare last night. He reassured us that B is very bright and they will work with us if we find someone to come to the center (sometimes they work in the office, sometimes in the classroom). He even suggested the mom of one of B's classmates.
I got the computer to boot up last night. It only took two hours. Hopefully, it will work fine tonight.
I had hoped I was nearing the bind off on F-i-L's sweater yesterday. Oh no, at least 2 more inches needed. I'm so bored. I want to sew or knit something else! Once I've gotten the bind-off done, I'm taking a night off from this thing.

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