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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

quick update

B and I had a snow day (so did millions of other people in our area). Ours was only for 4 1/2 inches though. Kind of a waste.

I did get lots of knitting done while B watched lots of TV (the problem with starting him on a video while I was shovelling in the morning was that I couldn't re-direct him to anything else). I just need to finish up the neckline on the left side of his sweater and then sew it up. Unfortunately, I need to put it aside for this.

F-i-L's birthday vest. The color is terribly washed out here (and why does one leg of the stitch look so vertical?).

It's going to be a simple buttoned v-neck with 4 x 2 ribbing knit in one piece from the bottom up.

I've got 1 row done, but a friend and I are knitting at lunch every day this week so I expect lots of progress.

No report from the SLP yet. Hubby starts his next class tonight, wish him luck.

I'm thinking about a second career. My current position in my current industry is not going to be around for me to retire from in 30 years. I need to think about what to do next when the final piece is outsourced in the next X years (probably fewer than 15, maybe more than 10). I've been toying with electronic media librarian (getting an MLIS online) or SLP (I'd read that this is a growing field and a University in my area has a strong Masters program). Hubby doesn't think I'd work well with kids.

I was talking with a colleague about the future of our positions in our industry and we're both thoroughly depressed.


Domestic Extraordinaire said...

good luck with the vest and the career change.

cygknit said...

I do see a need for electronics-focused librarians (which is what I do). I'm very glad to have done my MLIS (mostly online), and think you might enjoy