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Wednesday, July 09, 2008


I did not play solitaire all the way home. I knit on Ariann's sleeve. I did not just lie around after B went to bed. I knit on Ariann's sleeve. I also ripped out a couple of inches because I missed one-half of a set of increases. I hope to be casting on sleeve two tomorrow.

Over heard this morning while Billy was playing with his trains, he's got Gordon talking to Henry: I went to 'Mont this week. I played with Nanny's trains, and I rode on it.

Really cute. He's been asking Hubby repeatedly if he can go to the condo. M-i-L and F-i-L are going down this weekend, so no. Although, he'd have a good time with them.... But, we have dentist appointments Saturday morning. We do need to plan a trip down this month. Maybe the weekend of the 25th.

I'm planning my next knits, all for me: Air in black calmer, go with the flow from Inspired Cable Knits in denim, a ballband bath mat. Air will need to be re-sized and I'm sure I'll have to tinker with the Flow pattern. I'm not decided on whether to do just one large ballband to make the mat or to do a group of them and sew them together.

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