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Monday, July 14, 2008

busy, busy, busy

My what a weekend. It started with a BBQ at our pastor's house Friday night and ended with me solo-parenting and cooking last night. Saturday was nuts. We were up early since B and I had 8 am dentist appointments. He was a little freaked out by the request that we sit with different hygenists ate the same time. Worked out that I could hold him on my lap (a bit of a regression there) and then have my cleaning. Next appointments are set to be consecutive with me first. After that, Hubby and B dropped me off at the house so they could get some groceries while I went to the gym. While I was still at the gym, they took Molly to the vet (B had to keep practicing the "vee" sound, he first called it the wet). They were still there when I got home and changed for the pool. While I waited for them I packed the pool bag. They got home and changed and we went to the pool for a couple of hours, came home and put B down for a nap. Then, I cleaned off the guestroom bed. Five months of clean laundry finally put away (not counting the four loads Huby did that day). I woke B up from his nap and Hubby went out to mow the lawn. While I was listening to B play and deciding when exactly to start dinner, the power went out. At first I thought the air conditioner in the living room was just cycling weird, but then I noticed the light was out on the answering machine and checked the clocks in the kitchen as well. Hubby came in shortly after that because a neighbor asked if our lights were out. I hadn't worried too much about it, since we have a gas stove, I could still cook dinner. Hubby decided not to cook with the air off and we went out to dinner. Must have been a very small outage: the traffic light at the end of the street was still working. We debated going to a movie, but I didn't want B up late a second night. We came home and put him to bed. Sunday, it was church for me and B after dropping Hubby off at the train station. He want the MLB Futures Game/Celebrity softball game that's part of All-star weekend. After church B and I went to Target, Wal-Mart and Barefoot shoes to look for a new pair of swimmies for him. No luck, just lots of sweating. We went home and I ran into the house to get his old pair and we went to the pool (I'd worn my suit under my clothes and had B's packed in the car). Lunch there and then home for nap. While B slept, I worked on my apron, took the dog out, and did some sewing research online (Burda size charts and how to add a pocket to a pattern that doesn't have them). Got B up at five and made dinner, all the while he was whining about my not being able to play with him. Set him up with a couple of on-demand TV shows and finished cooking. We ate, he had a bath, and our regular routine. Hubby got home just in time for good nights. Then I finished loading the dishwasher and called my mom and dad. Whew.

For reading that, you get pictures of a sleeve that's still not done yet. (My apron's still not done either, I just have to finish sewing down the seam binding on the necklilne.)

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Heather said...

wow, sounds like a busy, yet fun weekend!